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SyncMate - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

How to synchronize images between mobile device and Mac OS?

"iPhoto" plugin gives you the ability to synchronize any images (jpg, gif, img, bmp, pct and other well-known image formats) in mobile device's folders and iPhoto on Mac OS.

Please, read the following information carefully to start synchronization correctly.

Synchronization can be done in two directions:
  • From Mac to mobile device
  • From mobile device to Mac
Depending on the directions, scenarios of synchronization will differ from each other.

Let's check how to make synchronization using each direction.

From Mac to mobile device
  1. Please, add folder or album in the list below using "Add folder" and "Add album" buttons.
  2. Use "Delete" button if you made some mistake or just want to delete separate folder or album.
  3. Attentively choose device folder for images before synchronization using "Target device folder" combobox.
  4. Besides, you are able to resize photos, which will be copied to 320x240 and 640x480. Please, tick "Resize when copying" checkbox to make this option active.
  5. Click "Sync now" button or choose another plugin for subsequent actions.
This button provides you with the ability to preview files, which are added to the folder for feature synchronization.

From mobile device to Mac
  1. Please, add folder with images to the first textfield below.
  2. Choose local folder on Mac, where mobile device folder will be saved.
  3. Click "Sync now" button or choose another plugin for subsequent actions.

Screenshots - More Details

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