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Adarian Money for Palm OS 3.7 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Account Management
  • Keep a log of all your transactions, categorize them, and analyze the income and expense;
  • View your accounts' balances any time; get to know how much is available, and how close you are to the account limits;
  • By setting an alert level for each account, Money will give you an alert when an account's balance is close to its minimum balance or credit limit. No more bank charges!
Budget Planning
  • You can assign each category a monthly budget, Money will let you know how much has been spent and how much is still available;
  • Unused budget (or overage) can be rolled over to the next month;
  • By setting an alert level for each category, Money will give you an alert when you have reached that level. No more over-budget!
Scheduled Transactions
  • You can manage repeating transactions with Money easily, e.g., monthly bills and paychecks; Money's alarms will remind you of upcoming bills. No more late payments!
  • Also supports non-repeating, one-off future transactions. For example, someone owes you
  • some money and is supposed to return you 3 months later.
  • Cash Flow chart shows your account's daily balances, also "predicts" future balance changes based on scheduled transactions;
  • Pie chart summarizes your income or expense on each category (or payee and classification);
  • Trend chart shows you the trend of income and expense in the past.
Custom Views
  • Custom views let you decide how you want to view your financial status;
  • You can specify what kind of transactions should be included in a custom view, what date range to use, row colors, column ordering, ...;
  • To quickly navigate among the views, you can use just one letter (either Graffiti or keyboard) to jump to the view you want.
Table-based User Interface
  • The most powerful and flexible table-based user interface you've ever seen;
  • Fully adjustable column widths, column ordering;
  • Horizontal scrolling with column anchoring on the left-hand side.
Online Help
  • With the hyperlinked, context-sensitive online help, trying out a new software is no longer a painful experience;
  • Separate from the main program, the online help can be deleted to save memory when you don't need it;
  • If this is still not enough, there is even a 150-page User's Manual.
Device Support
  • Supports small fonts on high-res screens. Large fonts give better legibility, small fonts present more information. It's all up to you;
  • Supports portrait and landscape modes for Sony Clie and Tungsten PDAs;
  • Supports screen rotation on Tungsten models;
  • Fully supports JogDial and 5-way navigators.
  • Support of multiple databases and automatic backup to memory cards;
  • Built-in tools: A calculator that's accessible from almost everywhere, a loan (mortgage) calculator, and a currency converter;
  • Import transactions from QIF and OFX files; export data to CSV, QIF, HTML, RTF, and TXT files;
  • Import/export through PC Conduit for Windows users; through expansion memory cards for Mac OS users;
  • Beaming of transactions and lists.

Screenshots - More Details

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